Netherlands – a labyrinth of canals

The sea and waterways are everywhere in this coastal country. The fields, villages and cities are networked with countless canals, all of which were dug by the Dutch during the past 400 years. No doubt, traveling by kayak in this country is particularly convenient and enjoyable!

During our five-day visit, we will paddle through narrow channels in small Medieval towns, where we will stop for coffee, herring, cheese and beer, and then continue moving from village to village through carpets of green fields, farms with horses, cows and ducks.

We will pass by bridges and windmills, and will cross the Sea of Ijsselmeer to visit the island Marken. By kayak, we’ll visit the famous cheese town Edam. Of course we will save the best for last by paddling the great maze of canals in the city of Amsterdam.

Our city route has been carefully planned to give us the opportunity to pass by places of particular interest, including stops at a cafe on the edge of one of the side canals, the Red Light District, the Flower Market and for beer on the grass in the park. Sleeping accommodations on this trip are in hotels.

  • Saggi Nechushtan
    Omer Singer