Venice – replacing the gondola with a kayak

Paddling the canals of Venice is the only way to get to know this beautiful city at water level. The experience of paddling in the Grand Canal under the Rialto Bridge, with dozens of boats all around, is thrilling. From there we will enter a labyrinth of narrow canals, discovering the true nature of life in this fair city on the water: a postal boat transports mail and packages, a floating ambulance passes by, a vegetable vendor paddles from house to house selling his produce.

During the trip we will get to know the magical atmosphere of Venice by night, including Venice nightlife, which we will observe from the water. We will pass close to magnificent palaces hosting parties and paddle through tranquil, enchanted quarters. There is also Nature to explore in Venice Lagoon, paddling through natural canals that will lead us to Burano, a vibrant colorful island.

Each evening, we return to our luxurious hotel on the island of Certosa where we will get ready for dinner. Like the locals, we will catch a water taxi that will take us to savor an authentic Italian gastronomic experience.

After this kayaking trip, Venice will become one of your favorite cities.

  • Saggi Nechushtan
    Omer Singer